Paw Patrol

my 5 yr old absolutely loves this show. I can not wait for new episodes. We watch them all over and over and over again. Gotta love having a DVR so the kids can watch this anytime they want. he was so excited when he had his birthday and got a call from the crew. It absolutely made his day and he would tell anyone who would listen.


I like to take my kids out for their birthdays when finances allow. this year my oldest is at camp on his birthday. Looked like he was having a great time.  I took him out and tried to celebrate some before he left for camp. Hopefully we can celebrate some after he comes back. what do you guys like to do for birthdays?

Essential Oils

Why is it that people say you are poisoning your child when they don’t understand something. There is so much controversy out there about essential oils. Does no one remember in the bible that talk about Frankincense and mmyhrr. I know many people within the Young Living group and I know Young Living has been following the FDA guidelines on their oils to make them injestible. I know I still a lot to learn about oils but I do use some on my kids and in our diffuser.


I really love that some theaters do cheap movies during the summer. I am taking the boys to see epic this morning. For $4 we see the movie and get a small popcorn as well as a small pop. Also they have a sensory theater set up for the kids that need it.  I wish more places did discounted stuff during the summer like that. We also participate in our local library summer reading program.

Thank You

To the people my family and I met at the Michigan welcome center on June 8th 2016 I really appreciate your friendly attitudes. My 5 yr old who has Sensory Processing Disorder really loved seeing your dogs. He is scared of dogs even though I have him around a few different kids of dogs. I really appreciate how you guys talked to him and didn’t force him to pet. He was just happy to talk to you guys and let the dogs sniff while mom petted the dogs. Your dogs were so sweet and it was great they didn’t bark like a lot of little ones do.  I really appreciate your kindness to my family. I hope you guys had a great weekend.