Blood On the Ground by Paul Usiskin

A great story about a super cop and how politics can get in the way of solving cases. It flipped back and forth alot between a super cop and a young woman names Lana. It did at times get confusing as to who we were following in each chapter. Until the time came that Dov needed to interview Lana for an investigation. the story is suspenseful and full of thrills and mystery. Also has a small amount of romance thrown in. the Author did a great job creating and developing the characters. He made them believable easy to connect and relate to. the story line kept my head spinning I was always wondering what was going to happen next. that made me not want to put the book down. His writing style is easy to read and you can move quickly through the chapters. e tells the stories from different perspectives and that can get confusing but it also gives you a good view of the whole story not just one side or the other. If you are a thriller and mystery type person you will really enjoy this book.

In the Line of Fire: A Soldier’s Diary WWI 1914-1918 By Tobias Reiss

It is definitely a diary. some parts were interesting to see what they went through but not very graphic. I did enjoy the photos towards the end. The book is very authentic and raw, and showcases the horrors of daily life in the trenches: being unable to help the sick due to lack of medicine, nearly starving, the horrible illnesses that troubled the soldiers, depression, and so on. It’s very authentic as the original letters in his own hand writing are attached. Note that the writing isn’t in the original language in which the diaries were written, but the translation is near perfect and professional done to allow English readers the joy of reliving the war through the eyes of someone who was part of it.
This book is a document that will enlighten readers and entertain them, opening their eyes to the reality of what went on in the front lines of the war. This is one of the beautiful accounts of the WWI that I have read, a memoir that is very informative from the point of view of the war

Trigger Point By Sean Eads

I LOVED IT!!!!! I do enjoy a good mystery. This one I will say was great. I could not put it down. the author did a great job of not revealing the killer too early. I also at one point though I knew who it was but then found out I was wrong. this is one of those books that I really got into and felt like I was living it. I laughed and cried. there were other times I was surprised by what they did. Was a really fun book about a common thing and a common misconception. I do enjoy this reconnect of old friends. It also shows how people in common industries stand up for each other and help each other. It also goes to show the friendship that can happen with a mentor and student. Also shows how a teacher will help a student when needed.

I highly recommend to any mystery lover. Very thrilling and page turning.

Stretch Limo Confessions by Mike Jacobs

This is a very well written book. Lots of laughs and lots of good times. It just shows how some people can still work on a gentleman’s agreement. How things can turn around for people. You have to meet the right people at the right time. Revenge is always sweet to. Mike was very creative in how he got moving and how he helped out other people. There is some sex but that wasn’t all the book was about. Very good story line easy to follow. For me it was a fast read and that is always enjoyable. Who wouldn’t enjoy a ride in a Limo especially one known for party’s? Love how he set up agreements with clubs to help his clients get in if that is what they are wanting. He also bent over backwards for some people which just shows great customer service. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

Pearl of the Seas by Ruth Finnigan

Very much a fantasy book. With Poetry and is written in that style so it makes it a little hard to follow as it is overly poetic at times.

This is a magical book. This is a story written about two kids who build a ship out of a log and journey around the world. The journey is towards wisdom as they meet a mysterious elder who shares timeless wisdom to them, but it is also a tale for grownups, about courage and self-discovery. Above all, this is a book about friendship. It also does includes a dog. I did enjoy the mishaps of the dog .

This is definitely a book geared towards tweens. Although it does show the main female character needing a lot of help from the main male character. So it does make her look weak.

There are also great Illistrations periodically through the book.

Paw Patrol

my 5 yr old absolutely loves this show. I can not wait for new episodes. We watch them all over and over and over again. Gotta love having a DVR so the kids can watch this anytime they want. he was so excited when he had his birthday and got a call from the crew. It absolutely made his day and he would tell anyone who would listen.